The Flower Garden

Most Flower Gardens are planted as perenial, in that they will be back again year after year. Make sure that you choose plants with the right √°rchitecture' to suit your environment and it will just keep getting better and better..

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The Perfumed Garden

Some of the absolute best perfumed plants are also very useful from a medicinal or food point of view. One overlooked plant is the humble coffee, (pictured above) which has the most delightful perfume as it flowers.

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The Perpetual Garden

Many very useful trees and shrubs have very long lifespans. They are the original 'plant and forget' plants and generally will bring forth a bounty at least once a year.

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The meaning of Organic

The Trade Practices Act 1974 helps to ensure that products being sold as 'organic' are in fact organic. Severe penalties can apply for selling non-organic produce as organic.
Generally, when we see something marked as Organic we naturally expect that it is reasonably 'pesticide free' which is often the main concern. Organic, unfortunately does not mean that the produce is any better than non-organic. From our experience, Certifying bodies ensure, by a process of strict bookkeeping, that pesticides and herbicides are not used on their members farms. There does not seem to be any attempt at ensuring that the farmers are actually any good at what they do or that the quality of their produce is of a standard that justifies the increased price tag.


What is Biodynamic?

BioDynamics is not a replacement for religion or dogma of any kind, and it does not require your faith or belief to work.
It sprang from some enlightened research into the almanac's of European farmers at the beginning of the 20th Century.
Decades before the term 'Permaculture' was coined there was a recognition that we simply had to get to know the earth better and work with the seasons and the 'instinct' that is inerrant in nature, to better serve our own needs.
I have no desire to argue, debate or philosophize regarding the principles of bio dynamics, because it is sufficient to me that it actually works.

All information is not Equal

We often receive emails from gardeners who are unsure of the meanings of many terms
often used in marketing literature. Terms like 'Organic' are very irresponsibly used when selling products.
As always, buyers must be aware of the claims.


Home Vegetables

Home grown vegetables DO taste better. Apart from the fact that you know exactly what the plants were exposed to during their life, there is also the sweetness of the success of growing them. Saving the seed for next year is just a bonus.


Home Herbs

Most herbs, especially the culinary herbs, will either establish themselves as perennial or happily self sow to ensure next seasons crops. Given their 'spot' in your garden is all they need. Some herbs are best used fresh but some require drying.


Home Fruit

Every gardener wants to go out into the garden and graze on the fruits of their labour. When deciding what fruit to grow it is often best to look at your climate and geography first. Set yourself up for success.


Year after Year

Saving your own seed from last seasons crops is always the best way to maintain quality. Remember to only choose the best plants to allow to fully mature to produce the most reliable seed for next year. They do get a bit ugly but it's worth it.


The meaning of Heirloom Seeds

As the actual meaning of the term 'heirloom' as applied to seeds is hotly debated we have built our collection based on the European standard of excluding any variety that was not in existence before World War II.
All seed on any of our sites has been grown and harvested by us, in our gardens.
In that sense, they are truly 'Heirloom' as we actually grew the plants that produced the seed, and the parent plants etc,etc.
Almost all varieties of herb have been left to their own devices and are, therefore, 'heirloom' by accident.
The term is usually applied to fruit and vegetables, to isolate the varieties that are genetically stable, and will reproduce themselves truly from their own seed.
Some vegetables are actually 'heirloom' but because of their indiscriminate pollinating behaviour, may not reproduce true to type. The best examples are the Pumpkin and Tomato families.
There is a trend today within agricultural circles to breed vegetables that are unable to easily produce viable seed, or actually produce no seed at all. This ensures that their product is required year after year and that the market is a little more stable for them in the future.
The best way to ensure that your variety stays heirloom is to save your own seed each season. Easy!
There is a false assumption that somehow, heirloom varieties are tougher than the newer varieties, but this is not necessarily so.
Some new varieties have had extra toughness built into them but it is yet to be seen if they will be able to pass that quality on to extensive generations.
The best way to find out what variety is best for your specific garden is to try each and then remember.
Beautanicals websites are continually updating and we are adding to our seed lists almost weekly.

How to Contact us

As we are actually physically growing the seeds that we sell it is rarely convenient for us to answer the telephone or the door so email contact is the most convenient for us and reliable for you.